What is virtual reality?

Virtual Reality completely immerses its player in an alternate reality. Through the use of a high-tech headset with panoramic views and location sensor hand controls, gaming systems are able to match players' movements in real life with movements within the game, making for an experience that challenges users' perceptions of reality.

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Who can go into virtual reality?

While Virtual Reality can certainly involved physical activity, players with limited mobility are able to enjoy most virtual reality experiences. Users of VR must be at least 8 years old and 48” tall to use the VR equipment.

When did virtual reality become a thing?

2016 was dubbed "The Year of Virtual Reality" in consumer electronic circles worldwide. Though developers have been working on Virtual Reality for the past couple of decades, April 2016 was the first time that access to Virtual Reality became available to the consumer market.

Where can I play virtual reality?

Located just above Ursa Major Distillery off the Parks Highway in Fairbanks, Alaska, Arctic Sun Virtual Reality is Alaska's first VR arcade.

Why Virtual Reality?

Because it is fun! Virtual Reality provides a range of experiences and gaming opportunities for a wide range of interests. Explore a new world, swim with whales, battle with dinosaurs, fight zombies or paint in 3-D-- these are just a few of today's available experiences. With Virtual Reality, the experiences are endless.

How do I get to experience virtual reality?

Arctic Sun Virtual Reality provides guests with the most low-cost access to Virtual Reality experiences that is available. By reserving time at our gaming arcade, guests can explore new worlds and have access to the limitless possibilities of Virtual Reality.