What to Expect Your First Time at Arctic Sun VR



Welcome to Arctic Sun VR!

Whether you’ve just booked a time to play or still just checking out this whole VR thing, we’re beyond excited to have the opportunity to introduce you to the limitless new world of Virtual Reality!

To make sure you are fully prepped to before arriving to play, we wrote this guide with the goal of having as many questions answered as possible. Let’s dive in!


What is Virtual Reality?

Imagine being transported into another world by simply putting on a headset. You look around to see a reality that’s not physically there, but looks and feels like it is. You may be tempted to try to reach out and touch things that don’t actually exist.

That’s what virtual reality is like – and while the science behind VR is a lot more complicated, it’s extremely simple to use.

Advanced computer systems, comfortable headsets, and handheld controllers are used to immerse you in a virtual world. You may end up soaring around the globe, swimming with whales, or even fighting alien invaders with laser guns. The truth is, to fully understand what VR feels like, you have to try it. If you can experience it for the first time without saying “WOW!”, we’ll give you ten bucks (not really, but we will be pretty surprised).

Why Virtual Reality?

Because it is fun! Virtual Reality provides a range of experiences and gaming opportunities for a wide range of interests. Explore a new world, swim with whales, battle with dinosaurs, fight zombies or paint in 3D–these are just a few of today's available experiences. With Virtual Reality, the experiences are endless.


First Timer Tutorial

Before you are ready to put on the VR headset, we wanted to provide you with a few tips to make your Virtual Reality the best experience possible.

Sign the Waiver

Before you step into VR, you will need to sign a waiver (located at the bottom right of this webpage) to make sure you are mentally and physically prepared for the experience of a lifetime. If you sign the online waiver, you will be able to skip that step once you are in the VR Arcade!

(Note: If you are under 18 years old, you will need to have a parent or guardian sign for you.)

Getting Ready to Play

Once you are your station and ready to begin, grab your controllers and be sure to put the wrist straps on.

When the controllers are on, it is time to put on the headset. Start by placing the mask over your face. And don’t worry if you have glasses--they’ll fit just fine. Once on, you can pull the straps to loosen or tighten the fit to be whatever is most comfortable for you.


You’re Ready to Play!

Once the headset is comfortably on, and you have the controllers in hand and wrist straps tightened, you will see your first glimpse into Virtual Reality. We recommend you take a second to soak it all in!

First Timer Games

Not sure what to play? We’ve got you covered! We have an extensive game library to choose from, and you can play however many games you’d like!

While some games require a more advanced VR skillset, the games listed below are sure to make your first time in VR a fun and memorable gaming experience--no matter what your age is!


When Your Time is Up…

When your time is up, you have two options:

  1. Click “add more time” located in on-screen menu to extend your play time before removing the headset (definitely the better option)

  2. Go home and spend the rest of your day thinking about all the great experiences you could've had in VR.

When you are done playing, you will gently remove the VR equipment and be on your way. Don’t forget to give us a rating on social media!

We hope to see you soon at Arctic Sun VR--where you can take a step beyond the last frontier.


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