5 VR Games College Students will Love



Is class stressing you out? Roommate getting on your last nerve? Get some space and the escape you need with Virtual Reality.

Let’s face it…college is hard. It’s stressful. With the early morning classes, afternoon group meet-ups, and late night study sessions, sometimes it can feel non-stop. VR can’t solve all your problems—but it can help.

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Check out these these great VR games that we are sure you’ll love!


1. Nature Treks VR

Casual, Simulation, Art, Staff Favs, For Kids

Midterms or Finals got you stressed? Jump into a tranquil environment in Nature Treks VR and let all of your worries melt away.


2. Creed: Rise to Glory

Multiplayer, Combat, Sports, Simulation

Not taking an athletics or gym course this semester? Get your workout in solo or vs a friend in Creed VR.


3. Fantastic Contraption

Simulation, For Kids

Physics and mechanics based fun. Get lost in VR while still keeping your brain active.

4. Google Earth VR

Casual, Simulation, Educational, Staff Favs

Vacation anywhere in the world from right here in Fairbanks.

5. Arizona Sunshine

Multiplayer, Shooter, Horror, Simulation, Staff Favs

Because who doesn’t want to use the excuse that they were saving the world from a Zombie Apocalypse and didn’t have time to finish their homework?


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