Batman™: Arkham VR has Arrived

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Batman: Arkham VR

Be the Batman.

Batman™: Arkham VR immerses you in the Dark Knight's Universe and redefines what it means to be the Batman.

Experience Gotham City through the eyes of the World's Greatest Detective in an all new Arkham mystery.

Think like Batman. Utilize his legendary gadgets in Virtual Reality to unravel a plot that threatens the lives of Batman's closest allies.


Arkham VR features an ensemble cast of characters from the history of Batman comics. The main character is Batman—a superhero trained to the peak of human physical and mental perfection and an expert in martial arts. He is supported by his allies, Robin, Nightwing, and his loyal butler Alfred Pennyworth. Batman's crusade against crime brings him into conflict with the weapon-dealing Penguin, the mutated Killer Croc, and the Riddler. Batman's nemesis, the psychopathic Joker, appears following his death during the events of Arkham City, after succumbing to a fatal disease caused by his previous consumption of the Titan formula, an unstable steroid serum which turns men into maddened monsters.


Because who doesn’t want to be Batman—even for a little while…


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